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New supported repositories for Debian and Ubuntu2
#2795 debian repository checking2
We're now publishing for Ubuntu aswell2
#5281 most part of example and man could be generated1
Report from DebConf141
#8533 push hgview into debian official repositories1
Mini compte rendu Meetup Debian à Nantes1
#2513 improve documentation1
#18639 add debconf template to select chroot images to build1
Setting up my Microsoft Natural Keyboard under Debian Squeeze1
Debian bug squashing party in Paris1
Retour sur MiniDebConf Paris 20141
#9400 integrate documentation provided by email to didrik on the python-projects ml1
#18678 use proxy setting if any1
#8803 use python-support instead of python-central1
#47374 [debian/dependencies] please ship pylint Tk ui in a separate package1
Belier - le ssh par hops1
Openstack, Wheezy and ZFS on Linux1
icon for text/restlogilab.aspects documentation (english)1
#8805 use python-support instead of python-central1
#6725 Integrate addition of debian source when installing a deb package1
Going to DebConf131
Deuxième hackathon codes libres de mécanique1
Installing Debian Jessie on a "pure UEFI" system1
#5440 build_debian preprocessors don't handle debian version > 11
#6769 pyreverse manpage not in debian package1
#22034 apycotbot fails to install on karmic1
#19499 Minimal user guide (book ?)1
HOWTO install lodgeit pastebin under Debian/Ubuntu1
DebConf15 wrap-up1
#49937 [unittest2] get package into backports for lenny1
Going to DebConf151
Building Debian images for an OpenStack (private) cloud1
Meetup debian Nantes octobre 20151
#5083 debian_piuparts checker is not working1
#2785 upload to debian1
#4591 pylint -- Doesn't purge all files after piuparts Install+Upgrade+Purge test1
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