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simpled - Simple Desktop project started !5
WinSplit Revolution (http://winsplit-revolution.com/)3
#9054 setting up apycot from scratch way to complicated2
i3 window manager (http://i3.zekjur.net/)2
Command-line graphical user interfaces2
#6675 default values for store_* are not honored1
#20720 clarify the mail notification Subject header1
#6011 lgc.configuration ignore customized option values1
#20252 'used by' panel of groups don't show names of tests1
#22744 Provide a set of urls to access test reports1
ion, dock and screen configuration1
#6473 set a visibility trigger for options1
#9774 some thoughts for simplifying the user interface1
#19307 Change cardinality between ProjectEnvironment/TestConfig1
#4731 improve newcommers' user experience1
#8359 Send single email not one for each project1
#9791 have simple message (ids) listing1
#23317 cosmetid change : ensure column order and tab order match1
#6778 add a new "time" option type in configuration1
#4738 more synthetic output, à la pychecker1
#8072 integrate environment variables in documentation1
Petit raccourci pratique avec ion31
gajim, dbus and wmii1
#6780 add a "bytes" option type in configuration1
A Salt Configuration for C++ Development1
#22974 simple action to create a local repository for a project environment1
#5697 PYTHONPATH configurable in pylintrc1
#22680 highlight the directory download1