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We're now publishing for Ubuntu aswell2
search in debian packages including sphinx documentation (http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2010/11/msg00024.html)2
#22034 apycotbot fails to install on karmic2
#18308 fulltest.sh refers to deleted runtests.py2
#49937 [unittest2] get package into backports for lenny2
#4778 install multiple pylint executable for each available python version2
Salomé accepted into Debian unstable2
#4575 no man page for pylint-gui and similar2
#9334 C0103 false positive on __class__1
#4014 Metaclass method should have "mcs" as first argument1
Mini-Debconf Lyon 20151
#110235 Support comments after message-control pragmas1
#5697 PYTHONPATH configurable in pylintrc1
#51251 fix packaging of test directory1
Installing Debian Jessie on a "pure UEFI" system1
Debian bug squashing party in Paris1
#4581 option to NOT get a Missing docstring (C0111) warning if a method is overridden1
#4683 Non-ASCII characters count double if utf8 encode1
#9235 Compile debian package for 32bits1
#2471 branch count of a function include subfunctions1
#9967 Duplicate C0103 for keyword argument name1
#9988 enhance message description by using http://pylint-messages.wikidot.com1
Profiter pleinement des CPUs avec Zope/Zeo/Debian1
#2469 better cyclic imports analysis algorithm1
#9848 enhanced docstring support1
Building Debian images for an OpenStack (private) cloud1
Meetup debian Nantes octobre 20151
#4792 evaluate clone digger1
#2795 debian repository checking1
Distutils2 Sprint at Logilab (first day)1
#4339 missing dependency in debian package1
#5440 build_debian preprocessors don't handle debian version > 11
#115578 some files have bad permissions in distribution tarball1
#8803 use python-support instead of python-central1
#7873 dedicated client package1
#9787 proposition for simple pylint --help1
#903 cache for external libraries1
#9776 warning if return or break inside a finally1
Going to DebConf131
Looking for a Windows Package Manager1
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