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PyconFR 2014 : jour 1, frameworks web et gestion de source2
PyconFR 2014 : jour 1, BDD, postgresql et asyncio2
#49937 [unittest2] get package into backports for lenny1
Présentation PyCON FR 2008 - Assurance qualité1
search in debian packages including sphinx documentation (http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2010/11/msg00024.html)1
#9235 Compile debian package for 32bits1
Sprint PyLint @ PyConFr 20121
LAX - Logilab Google AppEngin Sprint at Pycon-FR1
Distutils2 Sprint at Logilab (first day)1
#4339 missing dependency in debian package1
#115578 some files have bad permissions in distribution tarball1
#7873 dedicated client package1
icon for image/jpegimg_2426.jpg1
Looking for a Windows Package Manager1
#4575 no man page for pylint-gui and similar1
Logilab à PyConFR 2012 - compte rendu1
#19504 Ubuntu Jaunty packaging1
#18308 fulltest.sh refers to deleted runtests.py1
#22034 apycotbot fails to install on karmic1
PyconFR 2014 - on y va !1
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We're now publishing for Ubuntu aswell1
The Configuration Management Problem1
Distutils2 January Sprint in Paris1
Nous allons à PyConFR 2015 à Pau1
Présentation de Gendb à PyconFR1
#6404 real user name in $ pylint --generate-man1
SaltStack Meetup with Thomas Hatch in Paris France1
#4591 pylint -- Doesn't purge all files after piuparts Install+Upgrade+Purge test1
#83759 python-yams not upgradable on ubuntu natty1
Salomé accepted into Debian unstable1
The Python Package Index is not a "Software Distribution"1
Compte rendu de l'équipe Logilab à PyConFR 20151
#4778 install multiple pylint executable for each available python version1