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Compte rendu de l'équipe Logilab à PyConFR 20153
PyconFR 2014 : jour 1, frameworks web et gestion de source2
Présentation PyCON FR 2008 - Assurance qualité2
You can now register on our sites2
We hosted the Salt Sprint in Paris2
Experiments on building a Jenkins CI service with Salt2
The Great Salt Sprint Paris Location is Logilab2
LMGC90 Sprint at Logilab in March 20132
hgview 1.1.0 released1
gajim, dbus and wmii1
Nous allons à PyConFr 20091
pydermonkey (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pydermonkey)1
A Salt Configuration for C++ Development1
A Python dev day at La Cantine. Would like to have more PyCon?1
Sprint CubicWeb chez Logilab - annonce de dernière minute1
Salt April Meetup in Paris (France)1
A report on the Salt Sprint 2015 in Paris1
Text mode makes it into hgview 1.4.01
hgview 1.2.0 released1
Typing Mercurial with pytype1
PEP-0316 Programming by Contract for Python (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0316/)1
Sprint PyLint @ PyConFr 20121
FOSDEM 20131
Is the Openmoko freerunner a computer or a phone ?1
Running a local salt-master to orchestrate docker containers1
icon for text/restcontracts with logilab.aspects1
LAX - Logilab Google AppEngin Sprint at Pycon-FR1
We went to FOSDEM 2016 (and cfgmgmtcamp)1
Reading SPE files1
Google Custom Search Engine, for Python1
Release of CubicWeb 3.01
pyflakes (https://launchpad.net/pyflakes)1
Distutils2 Sprint at Logilab (first day)1
Retour Agile Tour Nantes 2012 - présentation et pistes à explorer1
Testing salt formulas with testinfra1
Nouvelle version de LAX - Logilab Appengine eXtension1
Profiling tools1
AgileFrance 2010: retour d'expérience sur la gestion agile du projet Pylos1
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