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Text mode makes it into hgview 1.4.04
hgview 1.1.0 released4
Using branches in mercurial3
hgview 0.10.03
new pylint / astng / common releases2
FOSDEM 20132
Pylint 1.1 christmas release2
Brief introduction to hgview in japanese (http://troter.hatenablog.jp/entry/20121208/1354981177)2
Fusionner dans le bon sens avec mercurial2
hgview 1.0.0 released!2
LMGC90 Sprint at Logilab in March 20132
Typing Mercurial with pytype2
Better code archaeology with Mercurial1
#21619 revision used for test is not displayed for anon1
PyLint 0.25.2 and related projects released1
#10126784 AttributeError: 'localrepository' object has no attribute 'join'1
PEP-0316 Programming by Contract for Python (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0316/)1
Is the Openmoko freerunner a computer or a phone ?1
icon for text/restcontracts with logilab.aspects1
hgpycot - apycot for mercurial (http://apycot.hg-scm.org)1
Reading SPE files1
Google Custom Search Engine, for Python1
pyflakes (https://launchpad.net/pyflakes)1
Distutils2 Sprint at Logilab (first day)1
Retour Agile Tour Nantes 2012 - présentation et pistes à explorer1
Nouvelle version de LAX - Logilab Appengine eXtension1
Profiling tools1
Pylint 1.0 released!1
Introduction To Mercurial Phases (Part III)1
jquery-like library for python (http://pyquery.org/)1
pdb.set_trace no longer working: problem solved1
A retrospective of 10 years animating the pylint free software projet1
Introduction To Mercurial Phases (Part I)1
Pylint 1.3 / Astroid 1.2 released1
New version of projman1
Pylint a besoin de vous1
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