I am pleased to introduce you to the latest kid of the Logilab team: hgview 1.0.0.

hgview is a very helpful tool for daily work using the excellent DVCS Mercurial (which we heavily use at Logilab). It allows to easily and visually navigate your hg repository revision graphlog. It is written in Python and pyqt.

This version is an almost complete rewrite of hgview 0.x which had two GUI backends, gtk and qt4. This 1.0 release drops the gtk backend (we may consider reintroducing it, we haven't decided yet... by the way, patches are always welcome). Some may not like this choice, but the immediate benefit of using qt4 is that hgview works like a charm on MacOS X systems.


Edit: there was a bug in hgview 1.0.0 on Ubuntu hardy. It's now fixed, and I've uploaded a 1.0.1 version deb package for hardy.


  • 4 different viewers:
    • repository navigator that displays the graphlog efficiently (works well with 10,000 changesets),
    • filelog navigator that displays the filelog of a file (follows files through renames),
    • filelog diff navigator that displays the filelog in diff mode to easily track changes between two revisions of a file,
    • manifest viewer that navigates in the files hierarchy as it was at a given revision.
  • Each viewer offers:
    • easy keyboard navigation:
      • up/down to change revision,
      • left/right to change file (for the repo navigator only),
      • return to display the diff viewer of the selected file,
    • search quickbar (Ctrl+F or /): search in graphlog (search as you type in the currently displayed file or diff, plus a cancellable background search in the revision tree),
    • goto quickbar (Ctrl+G): go to the given revision (accepts id or tag, with completion for tags),
    • navigation history: alt+left/alt+right to navigate backward/forward in the history,
  • can be used alone or as a hg extension,
  • can be configured using standard hg rc files (system, user or per repository),
  • possibility to declare users (with multiple mail addresses) and assign them a given color to make a given user look the same in all your repositories,

Download and installation

The source code is available as a tarball, or using our public hg repository of course.

To use it from the sources, you just have to add a line in your .hgrc file, in the [extensions] section:


Debian and Ubuntu users can also easily install hgview (and Logilab other free software tools) using our deb package repositories.

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