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  • New version of projman


    Projman is a project management tool. It reads project descriptions and activity logs to schedule tasks and to generate gantt diagrams.

    The version 0.13.6 fix some gantt diagram generation bugs. Graphics library helper is now Cairo instead of matplotlib. Some examples, according to the new model (use of resources type and roles in tasks) have been added to the project.

    And, of course, the compulsory screenshot.

  • Projman 0.14.0 includes a Graphical User Interface

    2009/10/19 by Emile Anclin


    Projman is a project manager. With projman 0.14.0, the first sketch of a GUI has been updated, and important functionalities added. You can now easily see and edit task dependencies and test the resulting scheduling. Furthermore, a begin-after-end-previous constraint has been added which should really simplify the edition of the scheduling.

    The GUI can be used the two following ways:

    $ projman-gui
    $ projman-gui <path/to/project.xml>

    The file <path/to/project.xml> is the well known main file of a projman project. Starting projman-gui with no project.xml specified, or after opening a project, you can open an existing project simply with "File->Open". (For now, you can't create a new project with projman-gui.) You can edit the tasks and then save the modifications to the task file with "File->Save".

    The Project tab

    The Project tab shows simply the four needed files of a projman project for resources, activities, tasks and schedule.


    The Resources tab presents the different resources:

    • human resources
    • resource roles describing the different roles that resources can play
    • Different calendars for different resources with their "offdays"


    For now, the Activities tab is not implemented. It should show the planning of the activities for each resource and the progress of the project.


    The Tasks tab is for now the most important one; it shows a tree view of the task hierarchy, and for each task:

    • the title of the task,
    • the role for that task,
    • the load (time in days),
    • the scheduling type,
    • the list of the constraints for the scheduling,
    • and the description of the task,

    each of which can be edited. You easily can drag and drop tasks inside the task tree and add and delete tasks and constraints.

    See the attached screenshot of the projman-gui task panel.


    In the Scheduling tab you can simply test your scheduling by clicking "START". If you expect the scheduling to take a longer time, you can modify the maximum time of searching a solution.

    Known bugs

    • The begin-after-end-previous constraint does not work for a task having subtasks.
    • Deleting a task doesn't check for depending tasks, so scheduling won't work anymore.