David & I went to FOSDEM and cfgmgmtcamp this year to see some conferences, do two presentations, and discuss with the members of the open source communities we contribute to.


At FOSDEM, we started early by doing a presentation at 9.00 am in the "Configuration Management devroom", which to our surprise was a large room which was almost full. The presentation was streamed over the Internet and should be available to view shortly.

I presented "Once you've configured your infrastructure using salt, monitor it by re-using that definition". (mirrored on slideshare. The main part was a demo, the code being published on bitbucket.


The presentation was streamed live (I came across someone that watched it on the Internet to "sleep in"), and should be available to watch when it gets encoded on http://video.fosdem.org/.

FOSDEM video box

We then saw the following talks :

  • Unified Framework for Big Data Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) by Shivram Mani in the Postgresql Track
  • Mainflux Open Source IoT Cloud
  • EzBench, a tool to help you benchmark and bisect the Graphics Stack's performance
  • The RTC components in the debian infrastructure
  • CoreOS: A Linux distribution designed for application containers that scale
  • Using PostgreSQL for Bibliographic Data (since we've worked on http://data.bnf.fr/ with http://cubicweb.org/ and PostgreSQL)
  • The FOSDEM infrastructure review

Congratulations to all the FOSDEM organisers, volunteers and speakers. We will hopefully be back for more.

We then took the train to Gent where we spent two days learning and sharing about Configuration Management Systems and all the ecosystem around it (orchestration, containers, clouds, testing, etc.).

More on our cfmgmtcamp experience in another blog post.

Photos under creative commons CC-BY, by Ludovic Hirlimann and Deborah Bryant here and here

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