Here is at last the release of the version 1.4.0 of hgview.

Small description

Besides the classic bugfixes this release introduces a new text based user interface thanks to the urwid library.

Running hgview in a shell, in a terminal, over a ssh session is now possible! If you are trying not to use X (or use it less), have a geek mouse-killer window manager such as wmii/dwm/ion/awesome/... this is for you!

This TUI (Text User Interface!) adopts the principal features of the Qt4 based GUI. Although only the main view has been implemented for now.

In a nutshell, this interface includes the following features :

  • display the revision graph (with working directory as a node, and basic support for the mq extension),
  • display the files affected by a selected changeset (with basic support for the bfiles extension)
  • display diffs (with syntax highlighting thanks to pygments),
  • automatically refresh the displayed revision graph when the repository is being modified (requires pyinotify),
  • easy key-based navigation in revisions' history of a repo (same as the GUI),
  • a command system for special actions (see help)


There are packages for debian and ubuntu in the logilab's debian repository.

Note:you have to install the hgview-curses package to get the text based interface.

Or you can simply clone our Mercurial repository:

hg clone

(more on the hgview home page)

Running the text based interface

A new --interface option is now available to choose the interface:

hgview --interface curses

Or you can fix it in the [hgview] section of your ~/.hgrc:

interface = curses # or qt or raw

Then run:


What's next

We'll be working on including other features from the Qt4 interface and making it fully configurable.

We'll also work on bugfixes and new features, so stay tuned! And feel free to file bugs and feature requests.

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