On the 6th of February, the Salt community in France met in Paris to discuss Salt and choose the tools to federate itself. The meetup was kindly hosted by IRILL.

There were two formal presentations :

  • Logilab did a short introduction of Salt,
  • Majerti presented a feedback of their experience with Salt in various professional contexts.

The presentation space was then opened to other participants and Boris Feld did a short presentation of how Salt was used at NovaPost.


We then had a short break to share some pizza (sponsored by Logilab).

After the break, we had some open discussion about various subjects, including "best practices" in Salt and some specific use cases. Regis Leroy talked about the states that Makina Corpus has been publishing on github. The idea of reconciling the documentation and the monitoring of an infrastructure was brought up by Logilab, that calls it "Test Driven Infrastructure".

The tools we collectively chose to form the community were the following :

  • a mailing-list kindly hosted by the AFPY (a pythonic french organization)
  • a dedicated #salt-fr IRC channel on freenode

We decided that the meetup would take place every two months, hence the third one will be in April. There is already some discussion about organizing events to tell as many people as possible about Salt. It will probably start with an event at NUMA in March.

After the meetup was officially over, a few people went on to have some drinks nearby. Thank you all for coming and your participation.

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