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cwebCubicWeb Extension for Browsers
logilab-sphinx-themesA Sphinx theme for Logilab's documents
simulagora-clientPython HTTP client for Simulagora Web Services
glamconvset of tools to manipulate std GLAM file formats (EAD, Unimarc...)
jupyter-scivijsJupyter extension for scivijs
scivijs-demoDemo site for scivijs-gui
scivijs-guiWeb GUI for the scivijs library
scivijs3D mesh data visualization library for the Web
scivijs-lib3D mesh data visualization library for the Web
xmppophonejabber presence management bot for freeswitch
pyxstPython XML Schema Tools
logilab-packagingHelp building Debian packages from Python projects
NerdyNamed Entities Recognition for Python
salt-ami-cloud-builderA salt-based tool to build AMI images for OpenStack or Amazon Cloud.
python-libmedPython bindings for the libmed library
h5fsLinux virtual system to view HDF5 files
nazcaPython library for data alignment.
confmanA mercurial extension to manage a coherent set of repositories.
odtlibOpenOffice Writer file manipulation
indexera RDBMS full text index library for python
pysixtpython simple xml transformer
logilab-databaseutilities for database manipulation
fyzzfyzz is a sparkling Python parser for the Sparql query language
munin_ipmi_pluginIPMI plugin for Munin (in Python)
rqlRelationship Query Language
lutin77Logilab Unit Test IN fortran 77
logilab-vmA virtual machine manager based on libvirt
ovcsCommand line tool to zip/unzip odt files & put them under version control
pygpibtoolkitA simple toolkit to play with GPIB using Python
simpledSimple Desktop
tryplanPythonic trip planner
munin_zope_pluginsSet of Munin Plugins for Zope
laxLogilab Appengine eXtension
nemoNetwork Monitoring Tool
ZLogilabA set of installer utilities, an index for tree-like structures.
ClassificationSchemeA plone (2.1.x) product that helps building document management services
hgviewqt4 and text based Mercurial log navigator
fatimainstant messaging agents testing
pybilltool generating PDF bills from files in an XML format
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