pylint #99139 Compability with different python flavours [validation pending]

I would really appreciate if pylint could be run from jython or other python flavours, for this several adjustments are necessary, the first two I encountered are:

After trying to run pylint from jython I got an errormessage of the following form:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in 
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/pylint/", line 31, in 
    from pylint.checkers import utils
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/pylint/checkers/", line 44, in 
    from logilab.astng.utils import ASTWalker
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/logilab/astng/", line 58, in 
    from logilab.astng.nodes import *
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/logilab/astng/", line 50, in 
    from logilab.astng.scoped_nodes import Module, GenExpr, Lambda, DictComp, \
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/logilab/astng/", line 45, in 
    from logilab.astng.manager import ASTNGManager
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/logilab/astng/", line 31, in 
    from logilab.common.modutils import NoSourceFile, is_python_source, \
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/logilab/common/", line 61, in 
    STD_LIB_DIR = join(get_config_var("LIBDIR"), "python%s" % get_python_version())
  File "jython2.7a2/Lib/", line 62, in join
    elif path == '' or path.endswith('/'):
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith'
I could overcome this by changing the behaviour of jython, however I have been led to believe that the error comes from somewhere else inside pylint or its libraries:

Furthermore you use __builtins__ in your code, however this is an implementation detail, as stated here: you should use __builtin__ instead (notice the missing 's'.

 File "/jython2.7a2/Lib/site-packages/pylint/checkers/", line 97, in 
    builtins =  __builtins__.copy()
NameError: name '__builtins__' is not defined
I would really appreciate it, if I could use pylint with jython.
done in0.25.2
load left0.000
closed by#0fc805bbfbe3 Fix checkers.utils for other implementations (use of __builtins__). Closes #99139. Closes #89838. Theses fixes need fixes on logilab-astng and logilab-common