rql #9856 changing the verbs [open]

It would be good to change the verbs of the RQL language. Today they remind of SQL, but RQL is in fact closer to the HTTP protocol than one might think at first. Trying to add SELECT to RQL (the select is currently implicit) would make it look even closer to SQL, but the SET verb will never look like the UPDATE one and this will be even more misleading.

On the opposite, RQL maps nicely to HTTP. Using RQL, one can GET, PUT, SET, DELETE objects in the database.

  • GET would return a selection of entities (currently we have [Any|EntityName] ...)
  • PUT would add entities in the database (currently we use INSERT)
  • SET would modify the entities in the database, be it attributes or relations (no change)
  • DELETE would remove entities from the database (no change, unless we want DEL instead of DELETE)

This would also get us closer to RESTful services in CubicWeb.

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