pylint #9787 proposition for simple pylint --help [resolved]

The '--help' message should be a simple summarize of all options, ideally not much than for example "grep --help". I suggest something like:

  -r ...
  -i ...
  -e ...
  -w shortcut for "-f colorized -rn --disable-msg-cat=RC"
  --zope ...

  --list-msgs         Show list of message ids (and not Generate pylint's full documentation.)

Messages control:
  -c, --enable-checker=<checker ids>
  -C, --disable-checker=<checker ids>
  -k, --enable-msg-cat=<msg cats>
  -K, --disable-msg-cat=<msg cats>
  -m, --enable-msg=<msg ids>
  -M, --disable-msg=<msg ids>

and maybe a few more. And a message saying "see manpage for a lot of other interesting options". (The short cuts in the section "Message control" are suggestions, too.

done in0.21.0
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