hgview #9320 display file mode bits changes [validation pending]

Reproduction steps:

sfllaw@belgium:~$ mkdir foo
sfllaw@belgium:~$ cd foo
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ hg init
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ touch me
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ hg add me
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ hg ci -m 'Added me'
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ chmod +x me
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ hg ci -m 'me is runnable'
sfllaw@belgium:~/foo$ hgview

Expected results: Both changesets indicate that an empty file has been changed, somehow. This is what hgk does.

Actual results: It looks like no changes have been made.

done in1.1.0
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