apycot-moved #9054 setting up apycot from scratch way to complicated [resolved]

to get things easier:

  • get back documentation which still make sense from the previous apycot project
  • integrate documentation provided by email to didrik on the python-projects ml
  • debian package should provide default config (in a separated ticket)
  • apycot cube should ensure pyro-server=yes into the instance configuration
  • apycot cube should provide inline documentation about what the various configuration fields mean and what value(s) can be set
  • apycot cube should create a bookmark to the latest executions report
  • rename some checkers to a more intuitive name:
    • python_lint -> pylint
    • python_pytest -> pytest
    • python_check -> pychecker
    • debian_lint -> lintian
    • debian_piuparts -> piuparts
    • debian_dpkgdeb -> dpkgdeb

probably more could be done...

done in1.2.0
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