rql #83202 Typing OR clauses not as expected [open]

generic_rel is quite generic a relation which can link a CWUser for example to pretty anything ( '*' in the schema). The problematic RQL request looks like

SET U generic_rel X WHERE ... , A rel1 X OR B rel2 X

where the ... introduces the A and B variables and the rel1 and rel2 relations actually have distinct objet types.

The error raised is

TypeResolverException: Unable to resolve variables types in [...]

The point is that the type system associate one type variable to the X symbol, thus leading to a unification error. Said otherwise, the algorithm does not introduce union/sum types.

I would have expected the following semantics

SET U generic_rel X0 WHERE ... , A rel1 X1 OR B rel2 X2

With X1 typed T1 according to rel1, X2 T2 according to rel2 and X0 as (T1 | T2).

Or in an equivalent way

SET U generic_rel X1 WHERE ... , A rel1 X1
SET U generic_rel X2 WHERE ... , B rel2 X2

NB: This is an "unexpected behaviour" kind of report. It is yet undecided whether this should become an improvement ticket for RQL capabilities or for the documentation of its desired limitations.

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