hgview #8045 search behaviour [validation pending]

The current search widgets & behaviour in the gtk app is quite unsatisfying.

What it does now :

  • provide a Find field for content searches (a la grep), with a 'Find next' button (but no 'Find previous') ...
  • which also matches file names (unlike grep)
  • which does not visually mark the matching revs (you basically have to select a recent-enough rev and click on 'Find next' 'till it clicks for you)
  • provides a Files field for file name searches (a la find), with an 'Apply' button (no 'Find next/previous' ...)
  • which, when clicked, filters all visible revs, so that only the matching revs are shown, thus :
  • breaking the graph
  • hiding surrounding revs


It sucks.

What should be is the following :

  • a 'Find in content' (or 'grep' ? for unixophiles) field
  • a 'Find in file names' (or 'find' ? for the same) field
  • a couple of Find next/Find prev buttons (one couple for both fields)
  • when any criterion matches, all the matching revs are marked with some visual clue (a yellow dot near the id, something not too intrusive and easy to spot)
  • both fields are ANDed
  • revs are NEVER hidden, and the graph is ALWAYS shown and clean
done in1.0.0
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