pylint #78998 pylint test failures on Windows [open]

A number of pylint tests fail on Windows because of line ending differences. One example is test_message_help of PyLinterTC. This is due to undesirable interaction between normalize_text from logilab.common and the assertMultiLineEqual method. normalize_text uses os.linesep to separate lines, which on Windows is '\r\n'. However, the literal string used by test_message_help only uses '\n'. If I hack normalize_text to always use '\n' instead of os.linesep, all the tests pass.

I am happy to make an attempt at a patch to fix this problem, but I'd like input on the best way to go about it. The easiest would be to revert the usage of assertMultiLineEqual and use the splitlines based approach (I haven't looked at the other failures but I assume they would have similar fixes). However, this does not address the issue that on Windows, some pylint output has mixed line endings (sometimes '\n', sometimes '\r\n'). It seems preferable to address this issue as well, either making Windows use '\n' always (likely the easier change to make), or making Windows always use '\r\n'. The test cases could then be updated as necessary to adjust to that change.

As I said, with some input on the desired approach to address this issue, I am happy to work on some patches.

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