lutin77 #7881 Useless malloc for character arrays [validation pending]

In the 'char_functions.c', we should not use malloc for transforming character strings coming from Fortran. Instead, we just need to add '0' at the end of the arrays (the C way of work). Example with the 'test.c' file:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void err_(char* fmess, int len)
  char mess[len + 1];
  strncpy(mess, fmess, len);
  mess[len] = '\0';
  printf("Fortran error message '%s'\n", mess);

And the fortran file 'testf.f' will be:

subroutine lmess
call err("Big problem in fortran");

program test
call lmess
end program
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