pylint #76627 feature req. two-level length limits for name length [open]

constructs like these typically use very short names:

(1) short loops:

for i in alist:

(2) with statements:

with file("....") as f:
return [f.readline(), f.readline()]

which are quite different use case from regular name use, such as (3)

def foo():
fd_in =
try:, ...)
posix.fcntl(fd_in, ...)
# more code
while smth:
if kkk:
# more code
xyz = foo(fd_in)
# more code
if (xxx):
raise Yyyy()

The difference is primarily how many times and how far apart (in LOC) an identifier is used.
I'd like to have low min limit (1 char in fact) for identifiers in cases (1) and (2) and keep current name requirements in cases such as (3).

(atlthough arguably I'd like to use "fd" as an established acronym/jargon, similar to pi and id, but that's a separate wish)

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