pylint #74013 WARN on questionable use of str.strip [validation pending]

A common mistake I see is when people use some_string.strip('foobar') thinking the substring 'foobar' will be stripped from some_string. They probably mean to use replace('foobar', '') or something similar.

Detecting this improper usage reliably is nearly impossible, but I find in many cases the word (or words) chosen contain duplicate letters (as in 'foobar'). In any case, redundant letters are pointless and are worthy of a warning. Hopefully the ultimate effect is that the user discovers his mis-understanding of the method and goes on with his life forever reformed.

done in0.28.0
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closed by#eb20da14bab6 Warn about suspicious arguments in {bytes,str,unicode}.{l,r,}strip calls. Closes #74013
patchWarn about suspicious arguments in {bytes,str,unicode}.{l,r,}strip calls. Closes #74013 [applied]