hgview #7396 problem with spaces in file names [validation pending]

Reported by "Paul 'Satoshi' Hachmann".

I committed a file named "test file with space.txt" in my local hg repository.

Under gtk, the revision log (lower left pane) shows:

=== space.txt ===
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+This is a test.

And the lower-rigth pane shows 'space.txt' under files. Other files (i.e. ones without embedded spaces) show their full names and paths. Files with embedded spaces only show everything after the last space.

(In QT, I can't see anything in either of the lower panes, apparently due to a variant of the problem in #7350)

I'm using hg 1.0.1 and hview 0.10.1.

done in0.10.2
load left0.000
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