logilab-devtools #69466 lgp build --sign is broken in 0.18.0 [resolved]

<nico> juj, jcr: /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/logilab/devtools/lgp/check.py:543: DeprecationWarning: Please, move 'sign=yes' option into new [DEBIAN] section
warnings.warn(warnmsg % config_sign, DeprecationWarning)
<nico> c'est gentil. mais ce n'est pas `deprecation warning' c'est `├ža marchera plus'
<nico> File '/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/logilab/devtools/lgp/build.py', line 439, in _sign_file
if self.config.sign and self.config.sign.lower() == 'yes':
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'lower'

done in0.18.1
load left0.000
closed by#e47789457d5e Fix handling of lgp build's --sign option (closes #69466)