pylint #6905 R0801 message cannot be disabled locally [open]

Submitted by Dustin Rasener on the mailing list:

I would like to disable this message in the same way that I locally disable other messages in pylint. For example, if I want to not include a docstring for just one function in a file, I would use:

# pylint: disable-msg=C0111
def function_with_no_docstring(self):

My main problem is that the "similar lines" checker (R0801 above) catches similar import statements in different files. I would like to get these messages where they are useful (where there is a possibility to refactor copy-and-pasted code), so I don't want to disable it completely. However, I cannot seem to accomplish with R0801 what I have with other messages. (locally disabling the message for particular lines of code.)

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