pylint #5975 Abstract intermediate class not recognized as such [resolved]

skip wrote...


class A(object):
    def methA(self):
        raise NotImplementedError("implement methA in subclass")

class B(A):
    def methB(self):
        raise NotImplementedError("implement methB in subclass")

class C(B):
    def methA(self):
        print "methA"

    def methB(self):
        print "methB"

pylint (v 0.14.0, astng 0.17.2, common 0.28.2) complains that B doesn't provide a definition of methA even though it is itself both a base class for other classes and defines an unimplemented methB class (both making it a candidate abstract class). Seems that pylint should recognize on one count or both that B doesn't need to provide a definition for methA.

done in0.20.0
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