projman #5435 Enhance the tasks XML description [open]

  • We should generate a section for the highest level task (today, this task is ignored and doesn't appear into the XML result

  • Every section describing a task (highest level, with children, simple leaf) should contain :

    • the label of the task, as the title of the section
    • the description of the task
    • the table with the children tasks (if any)
    • the table with the children milestones (if any)
    • the resources consumption
    • the deliverables list (if any)
    • the start and end dates (if the option no-date is not set)
    • the see-also link (if any)

    Today, the description, the link, etc. are not displayed if the task has some children. We do want to have them even if the task has children.

  • When are we describing the milestones ?

    • In a specific section grouping all the milestones, after the tasks description ?
    • Among the tasks but with a section whose title starts with Jalon - (Milestone -) ?
done in0.17.0
load left2.000
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