pylint #52020 errors when using python 2.6 properties [validation pending]


pylint is generating errors when I am using property decorators (python >= 2.6). Here is an example:

E: 50:Cement.psd: method already defined line 41
E: 48:Cement.psd: Method 'psd' has no 'setter' member
E: 48:Cement.psd: Method 'psd' has no 'setter' member

and the way setter is defined is using the @psd.setter decorator. The bad thing is that I went down from 9.22 to 0.57 switching to these decorators :-(


done in0.25.1
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closed by#869685f9a22d Do not issue warnings when using 2.6's property.setter/deleter functionality. Closes #50461, #52020 and #51222.