pylint #50459 update deprecated modules [open]

For now, pylint lists only very few deprecated modules, where as the python module index lists the following deprecated modules:

DEPRECATED = ['aepack', 'aetools', 'aetypes', 'al', 'AL', 'applesingle',
 'autoGIL', 'Bastion', 'buildtools', 'cd', 'cfmfile', 'ColorPicker',
 'Carbon', 'commands', 'compiler', 'DEVICE', 'dircache', 'dl',
 'EasyDialogs', 'FL', 'fl', 'flp', 'fm', 'fpformat', 'FrameWork', 'gl',
 'GL', 'htmllib', 'ic',  'icopen', 'imageop', 'imgfile', 'imputil', 'jpeg',
 'macerrors', 'MacOS', 'macostools', 'macresource', 'md5', 'mhlib',
 'mimetools', 'MimeWriter', 'mimify', 'multifile', 'mutex', 'Nav', 'new',
 'optparse', 'PixMapWrapper', 'popen2', 'posixfile', 'rexec', 'rfc822',
 'sets', 'sgmllib', 'sha', 'statvfs', 'stringprep', 'sunaudiodev',
 'SUNAUDIODEV', 'user', 'videoreader', 'W']

However, we probably don't want to put all this list into the default value of the 'deprecated-modules' option.

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