pylint #46137 disable-report options do not work anymore [resolved]

In previous pylint version it was possible to disable unecessary reports by IDs either in command line or in rcfile with the disable-report option.

for example :
pylint --disable-report=R0701 mymodule
witch disable the raw metrics report but display the other reports

Apparently this option have been removed and replaced by the main disable option.
But this disable option did not recognise the reports IDs like : R0701,R0101,R0401,R0001,R0003 and made pylint to die with this exception :

pylint.utils.UnknownMessage: No such message id R0701

Alternaly this documentation is no more up to date -->
As it include old removed options like disable-msg or disable-report.

It will be usefull to either give back the disable-report option or to add the report IDs to the main disable option (but be carreful with R0801 ID as it serve for a message and a report)
done in0.21.4
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