logilab-astng #46131 Pylint did not recognise decorators usage [validation pending]

Actualy Pylint seems to ignore completly usage of decorators witch may give W0611 false positive alerts.

For example :
from pylons.i18n.translation import _
from repoze.what.predicates import has_permission
from mycoolproject.lib.auth import protect_controller
from mycoolproject.lib.base import BaseController

@protect_controller(has_permission('cooladmin', msg=_('Only for cools admins')))
class AdminController(BaseController):

Will have 3 pylint false positives :
[W0611] Unused import has_permission
[W0611] Unused import protect_controller
[W0611] Unused import _

But all of this was used in the @protect_controller decorator
done in0.20.4
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