logilab-astng #4601 Exception: NotFoundError: ItemDataRole [open]

Can lead to pylint crash. See the debian bug report for details.

To reproduce, run pylint on:

from PyQt4 import QtCore
class Cl(object):
    def method(self, r = QtCore.Qt.DisplayRole):

Maarten ter Huurne:

I think I have identified the cause of this bug:

This problem seems to occur on all enum types from PyQt4: "ItemDataRole" is
one, but it also occurs on "ConnectionType". The enums are wrapped inside a
class named "Qt". So the full name of "ItemDataRole"
is "PyQt4.QtCore.Qt.ItemDataRole".

The function "astng_from_class" is called with "ItemDataRole" as the class
and "PyQt4.QtCore" as the module, both of which are correct. But because of
the "Qt" wrapper class, "ItemDataRole" does not exist directly
under "PyQt4.QtCore", where it is expected by this function.
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