logilab-astng #4589 No line number for Lambda [resolved]

On 11/19/07, Jeremy Hylton <jhylton@google.com> wrote:
> This is a bug report for pylint version 0.13.2.  We've got a custom
> checker that adds a message for lambda nodes that are too long.  In
> some cases (perhaps all?) the node passed to add_message() has
> fromlineno set to None.  In those cases, the line number for the
> warning message is 1.  I see there's some commented out code in
> add_message() that seems to concern itself with the same problem.  I
> have that changing add_message to consider lineno as well seemed to
> fix our problem.
>     def add_message(self, msg_id, line=None, node=None, args=None):
>         """add the message corresponding to the given id.
>         If provided, msg is expanded using args
>         astng checkers should provide the node argument, raw checkers should
>         provide the line argument.
>         """
>         if line is None and node is not None:
>             line = node.fromlineno or node.lineno
> Is there a better way to fix this problem?
done in0.18.0
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