projman #4070 datamodel changes [resolved]

so far tasks had duration. this is a bad way of putting things. actually a task has a (work)load and its duration depends on the resources that actively perform it.

task loads can be of different types:

  • load can be shared among the resources (takes 10 days to make something, two persons would do it in five days)
  • load can be the same for all the resources (a 1 day meeting)
  • load can be taken by one of the resource (one person has to run the 5 days training session)
  • load can be spread over the duration (one project manager will spend 5 days in total during the whole project)

Moreover, resources can be active (a software developer) or passive (a meeting room). Only active resources contribute to achieve the workload, but passive resources are necessary to achieve the task.

Hence in the new datamodel.

  • the duration tag is removed
  • a 'load' attribute is added to the tag task (its value is an int)
  • a 'load_type' attribute is added to the tag task (its value is in {shared, sameforall, oneof, spread})
  • a 'type' attribute is added to the tag use-resource (its value is either active or passive and is considered to be active by default)
done in0.12
load left0.000
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