pylint #3855 emacs keybindings in pylint.el [resolved]

pylint.el binds [f1], [f2] and [f3] in the python mode map, without asking. It should not.

I personally feel that pylint.el should not bind any keys at all. If you feel pylint.el really must bind keys, I would draw your attention to the recommendations of the Emacs Lisp manual, such as

The key sequences bound in a minor mode should consist of C-c' followed by one of `.,/?'"[]|~!#$%^&*()-_+='. (The other punctuation characters are reserved for major modes.)

Also note that next-error is (apparently) already bound to C-x ` in all buffers. I strongly feel that mode-local bindings for next-error and/or previous-error are also quite silly.

Finally, I advise you to use EVAL-AFTER-LOAD (and DEFINE-KEY) instead of a hook, since the forms in python.el really only need to be evaluated once per emacs process, not every time the user opens a Python file.

done in0.21.4
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