logilab-astng #37909 No name 'testing' in module 'srllib' [validation pending]

I should like to attach a case, but I can't see any way of doing so, so I'll just have to describe the procedure...

Download SRL Python Library from http://code.google.com/p/srl-python-lib/ and make it in some way importable (it's a pure Python package 'srllib'). Write a script 'tst.py' that import srllib.testing. Run pylint (v0.21.1) on 'tst.py'. You should get these errors:

E: 6: No name 'testing' in module 'srllib'
E: 7: Module 'srllib' has no 'testing' member

There's no reason that this shouldn't work, if you execute the script you should see there's no problem importing srllib.testing.

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done in0.20.4
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