apycot-moved #37095 add process to .deb installation, upgrade, and removal testing suite [open]

We tried desperately to use piuparts to handle installation, upgrading, and removal correctly.

The software is difficult to set up and the log parsing is awful.

A suggestion would be te replace this software by a more explicit pbuilder script run by lgp. By default, we should follow the piuparts's different tests:

  1. A simple install-purge test within one Debian distribution (chosen with the -d option, unstable by default). It sets up the chroot with the desired distribution, then installs and purges the packages, and reports problems
  2. A simple install-upgrade-purge test within one Debian distribution. This test is like the install-purge test, but install the packages first via apt-get and then from the package files given on the command line. If the command line has package names (option -a used), or the packages are not known to apt-get (new packages), this test is skipped, otherwise it is performed automatically.
  3. An upgrade test between Debian releases. This test is enabled by using the -d option multiple times and disables the other two tests. It sets up the chroot with the first distri‐ bution named, then upgrades it to each successive one, and then remembers the directory tree state at the end. After this, it starts over with the chroot of the first distribution, installs the desired packages (via apt-get), and does the successive upgrading (via apt-get dist-upgrade). Then, if package files (and not just package names) were given on the command line, it installs them. Finally, it reports problems against the state of the directory tree at the last distribution compared with the state without the packages having been installed. This test can be quite slow to execute.

Note that this does not work with experimental, because apt-get does not automatically upgrade to packages in experimental. To test a particular package or group of packages in ex‐ perimental, use the second test.

It already exists a preliminarily attempt with http://hg.logilab.org/logilab/devtools/file/tip/etc/lgp/scripts/upgrade

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