pylint #36193 Import Checker Bug - RP0401 should be R0401 [resolved]

Looking at the history of this file (checkers/ it appears that this was just an oversight when updating code for the RP0401 report. The patch pasted below and linked in pastie as well, will correct this problem.

If these conditions are detected in the code, then exceptions are raised from pylint instead of reporting them because of this bug.

diff -r df8f34aa3dd2 checkers/
--- a/checkers/ Mon Jun 07 13:05:40 2010 +0200
+++ b/checkers/ Tue Jun 29 23:28:43 2010 -0500
@@ -213,9 +213,9 @@
def close(self):
"""called before visiting project (i.e set of modules)"""
# don't try to compute cycles if the associated message is disabled
- if self.linter.is_message_enabled('RP0401'):
+ if self.linter.is_message_enabled('R0401'):
for cycle in get_cycles(self.import_graph):
- self.add_message('RP0401', args=' -> '.join(cycle))
+ self.add_message('R0401', args=' -> '.join(cycle))

def visit_import(self, node):
"""triggered when an import statement is seen"""

done in0.21.2
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