pylint #34465 -E option reenable previously disabled Error msg ids [resolved]

pylint --version

pylint 0.21.0,

astng 0.20.1, common 0.50.2

Some error Ids are disable within the .pylintrc file. When executing pylint with the -E option, all Error ids messages are reenabled.

Happens also with the command line, where ids defined before -E will be reenabled, order **matters**.

How to reproduce :

case working as expected:

> rm ; echo 'foo # undefined'> ; pylint -E -d E0602 foo

case not working as expected

> rm ; echo 'foo # undefined' > ; pylint -d E0602 -E foo

> ************* Module foo

> E0602: 1: Undefined variable 'foo'

> [1] 29060 exit 2 pylint -d E0602 -E foo

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