pylint #33640 pylint manpage outdated [resolved]

i'm here forwarding some bug reports about pylint manpage being outdated regarding new options organization recently introduced. From a users perspective, it would be really nice to have the manpage updated soon: given the multitude of pylint options, manpage is ofter used to look them up.

The options shown on the man page don't match the code at all: e.g. the
man page has an option "--enable-checker" which the command rejects; the
man page has "-e" where the command actually has "-E" and so on.

man pylint references options --disable-msg, --enable-msg,
--disable-checker and --enable-checker which no longer work (replaced
by --enable and --disable)

% pylint --disable-msg=W0312 *.py
Usage:  pylint [options] module_or_package

  Check that a module satisfy a coding standard (and more !).
    pylint --help
  Display this help message and exit.
    pylint --help-msg [,]
  Display help messages about given message identifiers and

pylint: error: no such option: --disable-msg


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