pylint #3285 option for Visual Studio line number reporting [resolved]

Request by Olaf Meding:

I would be great if support for MS Visual Studio could be added in terms of reporting line numbers.

Currently the output format of PyLint is:

C:\somepath\ [C0301] Line too long (116/80)

What is needed is:

C:\somepath\ [C0301] Line too long (116/80)
I edited the below file for now.

#self.writeln('%s:%s: [%s%s] %s' % (path, line, sigle, obj, msg))
self.writeln('%s(%s): [%s%s] %s' % (path, line, sigle, obj, msg))

All that is needed is changing ":n:" to "(n):", where n is the line number. Many thanks for considering making this configurable.

done in0.13.0
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