pyqonsole #3072 timing handling [open]

Lars Doelle:

Timing: The konsole source does not contain an automatic timing adjustment, so one needs to tune this manually. This is the magic BULK_TIMEOUT constant. You can try 'mc', keep pressing <arrow down> in some directory view and see how the cursor responds. Likely experiment with 'vi' for instance, continuously scrolling through some source. BULK_TIMEOUT should be adjusted for smooth or at least continuous scrolling experience. You might want to try to 'cat' some huge source file or do a 'ls -l --colors /usr/lib' as yet another experiments. The bulk_nl_count trigger might be another place to tweak. It might be, that python is just too slow for this, but i doubt, and hope, that the timing might only be a bit out of balance. A missadjusted timing can result in a likely experience in C++, too.

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