pyreverse #3041 argouml 0.16 or greater support [open]

From: "S.Mount"
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004
Subject: [Python-projects] Problems using pyargo

pyargo is now generating something but not quite what I expected! If I use the -z option then argouml tool (v0.16.1) can read, but it doesn't contain any of my classes. If I leave off the -z option then I get a file that can't be read by argouml (project fle corrupted...premature end of file). Same problem with the .xmi file.

My diagram definitions file is based on the one in the docs and I don't think there's anything particularly odd about my code.

Any clues? I'll be happy to pass the sources (or the .argo / .xmi / ...) files on to anyone who wants to see them.

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