logilab-constraint #296242 python3 support [validation pending]

done in0.6.0
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closed by#b84e40272e6d [test] import StringIO from six.moves
patch[pkg] Add pypi classifiers [applied][pkg] use os.walk instead of os.path.walk [applied][pkg] Fix except syntax for py3k [applied][py3k] next(iterator) instead of iterator.next() [applied][py3k] object no longer has a default __lt__ [applied][py3k] reduce is now in the functools module [applied][py3k] dict.iter{keys,values,items}() [applied][py3k] Don't encode strings to bytes [applied][py3k] print function [applied][py3k] except as [applied][py3k] import range from six.moves [applied]Use new-style classes everywhere [applied]Replace reduce() with sum() [applied]dict.has_key() [applied]Use inspect.isclass() [applied][py3k] kill future warning about __eq__ vs __hash__ [applied]