hgview #259133 [hg.curses] broken by wrong handling of urwid version [done]

in hgviewlib/curses/application.py , in the HgViewUrwidApplication.get_screen around line 62 :

map(int, URWID_VERSION.split('.')) < (1,0,0)

seems wrong; in my Python installation, it generates:

>>> [1, 0, 1] < (1,0,0)

So I can't use hgcurses anymore ...

Btw, in the error string

'The "curses" interface could not be use '

we should replace "use" by "used"." Also, in the same error string version ()%s [...]" is quite strange.

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closed by#f093e1820f5d [curses] fix broken urwid version check (closes #259133), #084d38026396 [curses] improve broken urwid version message (closes #259133)