pylint #22701 performance ; no improvement when disabling messages [resolved]

When disabling some message categories, we get no performance improvement:

$ time pylint 1> /dev/null pylint/
No config file found, using default configuration

real    0m10.443s
user    0m9.861s
sys     0m0.320s

$ time pylint --disable-msg-cat=R,C,W,E pylint/
real    0m10.547s
user    0m10.013s
sys     0m0.280s

However, the suggested 'quick run' (checking only for errors and important warnings) should be faster than the regular run.

Would it be a solution to have all checkers store informations about which visit_<node> method triggers possibly which message?

done in0.23.0
load left0.000
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