apycot-moved #20720 clarify the mail notification Subject header [resolved]

The current mail sent by apycotbot has a terrible subject which makes it hard to process:

[cwo] quick(email test env)@stable: pyunit status changed to success

All mails I've received so far start with [cwo] quick (XXXXX test env)

What I need to be able to see easily is the name of the project concerned by the report, then the test env name, then the change.

I propose something like (to be discussed):

[cwo] projectname@branch testenv: old_status -> new_status (testname)

So the report above would have been labelled:

[cwo] cubicweb-email@stable email test env : failure -> success (pyunit)

I'd also advocate dropping the 'test env' part in test env names. These can be added automatically in the TestEnvironment view if necessary.

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