logilab-astng #20254 odd import name w/ absolute_import activated [validation pending]

dropdrive reported:

Suppose I have this package:

./mypkg/__init__.py:from __future__ import absolute_import
./mypkg/mod1.py:from __future__ import absolute_import
./mypkg/mod1.py:from mypkg.mod2 import MY_CONST
./mypkg/mod2.py:from __future__ import absolute_import
./mypkg/mod2.py:MY_CONST = 42

Then I think pylint run is unable to locate "mypkg.mod2":

$ pylint mypkg.mod1 | head
No config file found, using default configuration
************* Module mypkg.mod1
C:  1: Missing docstring
E:  2: No name 'mod2' in module 'mypkg'
W:  2: Unused import MY_CONST

This error does not occur if mypkg/__init__.py does not import "absolute_import".

done in0.20.4
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