pylint #19517 ignore emacs temporary files [open]

When a file is modified but not saved in emacs, some sort of dangling-symlink lockfile is created: -> username@hostname.domain.tld.9285:1262073654

This confuses pylint:

************* Module Omaha.Boards..#HexBoard
F0002:  1: <class 'logilab.astng._exceptions.ASTNGBuildingException'>:
       Unable to load module Omaha.Boards..#HexBoard (No module named #HexBoard)

I suppose it would be enough to just ignore dotfiles, I guess they would make invalid python module names anyway. Similarly, the # character is most probaby forbidden here as well - all in all, pylint should probably ignore such files as impossible to properly use from python, and possibly issue a warning about their presence.

(submitted on debian BTS by Yann Dirson)

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